Quadlogic Controls

Purchasing new equipment is a serious capital investment and a major operational challenge. The project often comes with a significant upfront cost that is prohibitive for many businesses.

Quadlogic Controls, a manufacturer of building electrical meters in business for more than 35 years, needed to upgrade a key piece of equipment employed in its production lines. This new piece of equipment will allow the company to remain competitive in a fast-changing marketplace and keep 80+ jobs in Long Island City, Queens.

After some internal planning, Quadlogic had a good estimate of the cost to carry out this major equipment upgrade. However, the big challenge was coming up with the funding. They reached out to the Long Island City Partnership for help with identifying government grant and incentive opportunities to help bring down the cost of the entire project.

Through our relationship with the Workforce Development Institute (WDI), LICP was able to connect Quadlogic with WDI's Regional Director for New York City and help submit a grant application. As a result, Quadlogic received $18,000 of funding for purchasing materials and parts to implement the equipment upgrade project.