Aspin+ Programs: YogaKids Classes

Aspin+ Programs: YogaKids Classes

Aspin+ is a yoga-based empowerment program for children. We teach YogaKids and mindfulness classes for kids 3-12 y.o. in Astoria and LIC. YogaKids class is not just a kids yoga class! Inspired by educational theorists such as Howard Gardner and Maria Montessori, the YogaKids program blends the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with group collaboration and games and independent thinking coupled with art, story reading or other creative activity. In every class, kids have fun and stretch through yoga poses, build their confidence and curiosity through exploratory activities and make new friends through yoga games. Each class is different and is centered around weekly themed activities. Our classes explore themes like leadership, piece, friendships, environment, community, self-awareness and so much more.


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