ALTIOS International is a Global Business Development Firm focused on helping businesses grow through international expansion and cross-border investments into the worlds’ leading markets.

We successfully combine a full range of market entry services and a powerful global and well positioned network of 18 offices in the most attractive markets: United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, UK, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates, India, China, Singapore and Australia. With 100 additional partners in 50 countries, we have operations in the world’s major economic centers, in key regional locations and emerging market hubs. 

Since 1991, we have been serving more than 5,000 international clients – high growth businesses, global companies, investment funds, government organizations and professional associations - entering new dynamic markets, establishing a presence and expanding their business activities. We offer practical, personalized and efficient services, at every step of global expansion, providing end-to-end solutions and worldwide support without using different providers. 

ALTIOS International 180 employees include marketplace experts, specialists in various industrial sectors and staff with legal, financial and HR expertise. As a global, pioneer and privately-owned company, we bring together skills from all around the world to provide an extensive experience and innovative business solutions to all your international expansion needs.


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4 Coworking Desks Available for Rent!

Complete desk space with dedicated office phone, wifi, outlets, access to printer and all kitchen amenities. Vibrant multicultural work space that is home to a global consulting firm as well as three V.I.E. assigned business developers from France all working for different companies. Large conference room available for use upon request. Microwave, toaster, coffee machine and fridge all accessible. 7 minute walk from the M,E, or 7 train to Manhattan and connection to the G from Brooklyn. Very convenient location with a view of Manhattan. Also a short walk from Hunters Point which is a beautiful spot to enjoy lunch on the water. The neighborhood is home to many multiethnic restaurants for all types of tastes. We are not a pet friendly office space since we are fully carpeted. We ask that you please clean up after yourself, although you do not have to do your dishes as we have a cleaning lady, just throw out your trash and put all dishes/glasses in the sink. Please do not leave food in the fridge long enough that it begins to smell. Be respectful and please only take professional calls while working at your desk as it is an open space. You are not permitted to leave the office with anything that does not belong to you. You are not permitted to invite any friends/acquaintances to the office that are not there for professional reasons.

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